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Computer Team offers training courses for all of our products and services, and these courses are offered to individuals on a number of levels. Whether you are just beginning to use video conferencing or a seasoned veteran who wants to learn about a new and innovative video conferencing technology that has just been released. Computer Team also offers courses to individuals who want to brush up on what they already know. If it has been a while since you have used video conferencing technology and you feel that your skills need some sharpening, these are the perfect courses for you.

Computer Team offers training in three ways. Clients can have a training specialist come to their places of business to train their personnel on the video conferencing technology that the business will be using. These types of training courses are ideal for big businesses or small businesses that need to remain staffed on a constant basis so as to not lose productivity. Computer Team also provides training courses in a classroom setting, which is ideal for those who can benefit best from hands on training. And finally, we offer classes online for those who have tight schedules or family obligations that they must tend to. At Computer Team, it is all about what works best for our clients, so enrol in the training course that best fits your needs and learn how you can revolutionize your business with video conferencing technology.